Wednesday, July 6, 2011


"Why this urge to blog huh?" idea..

But i'm glad that my presentation(amali) just now wasn't rejected or failed to meet the target of my lecturer.Relieved...thanks to my group members as well as my course mates......

Our activities were quite a success...I got this ideas from the "Running Man" (korean entertainment show )..Everyone enjoyed the game. Is actually a drawing game whereby the first person will be given a noun or a word, and he/she has to draw it out as quick as possible. Then the drawing will be shown to the second person...and that person need to draw out what he/she understand from the previous drawing..It's was so much fun looking at them, trying to understand and figured out what was the drawn by the previous member. The last drawing was the worse and it was totally different from what was given to them..Exactly the same like what Joon Ki did in the show.Kekeke..This is the benefit of watching entertainment shows. They are not that bad after all. Sometimes, show like this do help us (teacher-to -be)in our teaching. Trying to figure out what activities to be carried out is not easy, especially the set induction. Set induction has to be interesting enough to get the attention of the students before the lesson is start..

So..feel free to share any websites or tools, just anything that you think can be useful for me. I will be having my praktikum in coming semester. Carrying out activities for just an hour was like hours.duh.....i dare not imagine teaching for an hour during my praktikum...==lll

Love your teachers more!!!!!!

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